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  • Oct 21st, 2015
Principal & Co-Founder
Through the good fortune of my dad’s profession (USMC Fighter Pilot), I spent my youth on adventure, traversing the country from coast to coast, until finally landing in DC, by way of Central Texas and JMU (class of ’95). I was wooed from DC to RVA in 2000 by my longtime employer, Parkway Properties. After 16 years with Parkway, where I was fortunate to work with great people, wear many different hats and learn an incredible amount, I decided to make a major change, partnering with Cole and Andrew to form 7 Hills Advisors. CLJ-1 Making the change to 7 Hills is like traversing the country again. It is remarkable to be trailblazing with great people. 7 Hills is passionate about our work…we make a difference to our clients, diving deep to understand their objectives, goals, growth, challenges, and culture. We understand that space should be a tangible extension of our client’s brand and vision, with terms as economical as possible and offering maximum flexibility. Our complementing skill-sets, experience and personalities enhance our client-centric process to navigate these challenges, achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. Outside of work, I am personally inspired by my family, friends, hobbies, and training hard CLJ-2


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